Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fort Walton Beach, Florida (October 2011)

This is a past post from Magen's old blog, chronicling a trip taken in October of 2011. Excuse the poor writing style. She was still figuring out her groove. 

Our last vacation destination was Fort Walton Beach, Florida. The drive from Orlando to Fort Walton Beach was pretty far, but I was looking forward to a day of sand and sun so I was able to keep my exhausted eyes open. We ate at Coach-N-Four Steak House because it had good reviews. It was a small, modest restaurant, with not very many customers which might turn some people off. But it was slow season so I thought we'd give it a try anyway. The steaks were so delicious! They also give you lime sherbet to “cleanse the palette.” I don't care why I got the sherbet, but that shit was legit and delicious. I guess it "cleansed" my palette. Whatevs.

We woke up the next morning and drove to get what-a-burger breakfast and snacks, then we spent the entire day on the beach under umbrellas and in the water. We saw dolphins four times! We both read books, and looked at magazines. It was the perfect relaxation day after so many theme parks and so much traveling. My feet really appreciated it. And October is the PERFECT weather for the beach in Florida.

This beach in the Florida panhandle was so relaxed and quiet. I'm sure it's an entirely different story in the summer, but the fall is an amazing time to visit. We stayed at the Best Western (mostly because I had Best Western gift cards, but I'd stay there again.) 

That evening, we packed up our beach gear and got ready for dinner. We decided on Old Bay Steamer, because duh. We love seafood. It was right down the street from our hotel. We sat in the upstairs section. They played great music and had great jazz inspired decor. We ordered a share-able bucket. It is just loaded down with seafood. We each had a lobster tail, snow crab and king crab legs, shrimp, and corn and potatoes. We are both seafood lovers, and you just can’t beat Florida seafood. It was so delicious. I dream of that bucket, sometimes. Bucket, I miss you. I can't wait to see you again.

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