Thursday, April 24, 2014

Gatorland | Orlando, Florida

We visited Gatorland in Orlando, FL back in November of 2013. I (Magen) wasn't expecting to have a ton of fun. Ashley picked this one because she has some weird obsession with gators after marathon watching Gator Boys on Animal Planet. This place beat out my expectations tenfold. Here's a quick Gatorland Review.

^^Ashley was really excited to finally be in Florida after a two day drive.^^

From the time that we stood in line for entrance tickets, we were greeted and treated with such authentic appreciation and amazing customer service. The more employees that talked to me, the more excited I was to look at alligators. No, really.

We purchased two adult regular entrance tickets, and added on the Adventure Hour special show. They worked stuff out on the package and found us some type of discount. It was right at about $50-60 for two adults.

We looked around at the exhibits then caught the Gator Wrastlin' show where Ashley did this.....

This is real life, folks. I skipped this part. I'm usually pretty adventurous, but gators have kind of always made me feel icky. Probably because I grew up in Louisiana where everyone always yelled to stay away from them because they're a very real danger down there.

Adventure Hour was the best part, though. We were up CLOSE and personal with some Gators the size of buses (dramatic) to feed them.

When it was our group's turn to put the gloves on and throw out old meat (that part was pretty gross- I just wouldn't look down) we tried to get some #gatorselfies. It is actually quite hard to turn your back to them long enough to position yourself and another person and the gators. It took a few tries...

Then, a quick photobomb.

Then, you just give up and ask someone to take it for you. Gator Mike and all.

Before leaving the park, go ahead and buy the professional one because they turn out better than your selfies 100% of the time.

There you have it! Gatorland! I highly recommend it. We were only planning on a half day here, so we skipped out on alot of the other shows and extra events you can partake in. I really wish we had time to zip line. Next time :).

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