Thursday, April 24, 2014

Road Trippin' | Chicago to Florida

In November & December of last year, the girls from The Brown and The Blonde road tripped from Chicago to Orlando. What a drive. The trek down took two days with an overnight stop in Atlanta.

As your masters of driving-instead-of-flying, TB&TB has compiled a list of road trip requirements.

1. Each person must have access to their official road trip drink of choice (above.) The Brown's is Big Red. The Blonde's is Dr Pepper. (Optional: Toilet Paper for allergies/roadside breaks.)

2. McDonald's breakfast. You can't convince us that Taco Bell's new breakfast options can compete. Sorry, Taco Bell. (Honorable Mention: If you have the time- CRACKER BARREL. Thank us later.)

3. Non-driver road selfies. The Blonde won't let a good red lipstick day go to waste.

4. Snacks. Vacations are for gaining five pounds. It's a solid rule.

5. Document each new place driven through. Now we can say we've been to Kentucky.

6. Gas station selfies. It's a thing.

7. Use apps to find the best reviewed restaurants. No matter where you are.

8. Matching sweaters/bibs help. 


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