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Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom (October 2011)

This is a past post from Magen's old blog, chronicling a trip taken in October of 2011. Excuse the poor writing style. She was still figuring out her groove. 

We had a very late night the night before, we slept in a little. We got up about 9:30, put on our rain gear from Wal-Mart, and headed to the Pepper Market in the hotel (Coronado Springs) lobby. Being that it was still forecasted to rain (on and off at least, rather than a continuous pour), neither of us looked that great. We didn't do much to look cute since we thought we would have our ponchos on all day, and we were both in men’s too-big wind pants (not many cute options at Walmart) and t shirts. It was one of those days.... you know, those ones where you're just too tired to care?

We made it to the Pepper Market just before breakfast was over. Lucky for us, we got a free dining plan along with our vacation package. We had waffles and a breakfast burrito and fruit. The Pepper Market has several different “stations” and you pick what you want and have a seat. That way, everyone in your group has plenty of options to choose from. It was a pretty good breakfast. After we were done, we made our way to the bus stop to head to Magic Kingdom!
  At this point, the weather forecast changed just a bit, but still said it would rain all but one day of our trip. We were pretty bummed about this and really hoping it wouldn't ruin our vacation. By the time we got on the bus, however, it hadn't rained at all from what we could tell. We finally arrived at Magic Kingdom at about 11:45 AM. This was a much later start than I wanted, but the park was open until 2:00 AM  (!!) for resort guests that night, so I wasn't worried.

We got to the entrance and immediately started taking pictures. We looked very picture-worthy. (That is a lie.) But we kind of didn't care. I had been to Disney World several times with my family, but this was Ashley’s first time. She didn't really know what to expect.

We finally entered through the turnstiles (almost no wait!) and took in Main Street and Cinderella’s castle. At this point, we didn't care if it rained all day. Ashley almost seemed overwhelmed. She was looking at every single thing we passed, went in every single shop we saw, and kept pulling me over to show me things. It was seriously like a kid in a candy store. Then we went into an actual candy store. Direct quote, “I wish I wasn't such a sourpuss about the rain before, this is awesome!” She also couldn't believe the delicious smell. I finally made her leave the main street area and walk to the castle. Then, she saw a miniature Dumbo and got excited again. I finally told her we had to get moving to get to some good rides. So we went to Tomorrowland to grab fast passes for Space Mountain, then went to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. We waited a grand total of 10 minutes. The ride was really fun.

This was not posed, she actually stared like that.

From there, we walked over to Fantasyland to ride the Dumbo ride. We went into a few shops and looked at ears, but decided against them. We took pictures with them anyway. They had a Dumbo on the ground for photos. We took our pictures and skipped the ride. After our Dumbo pictures, we rode Snow White’s Scary Adventure, it’s a small world, and Mickey’s Phillarmagic. Then it was time to backtrack back to Space Mountain to use our fast passes. I love Space Mountain, and Ashley liked it at first, but then she got really quiet. After the ride she said she started getting a little scared because it was all in the dark. 

By this point, my Wal-Mart sneaker purchase was proving to be a really bad idea. My feet were feeling absolutely awful. I bought a pair of flip flops in the Space Mountain gift shop and threw those shoes away. (I know, it was a waste of money…. But I would never wear those ugly, uncomfortable things again!) With my new flip flops, we headed towards Liberty Square and noticed they were roping off for the parade, so we grabbed some great seats right on the rope and waited.


After the parade was over, we decided to go back to the hotel to rest for a bit. We got back to the hotel at about 4:30 and laid in the hammocks by the lake that Coronado Springs surrounds. At this point in the day, it had remained cloudy, but had only rained a very small amount for just a few minutes. We had dinner reservations at 5:30 at the Maya Grill, which is located in our hotel lobby. It was pretty good food, but the prices were steep. Unless you have the free dining plan like we did, I would probably find something different.

We could see blue skies trying to peek around the gloomy clouds.
We dressed terribly, but I was excited to wear my Eisley T-shirt for the first time!
Free deserts with all meals!
Before we headed back to the parks for our late night Extra Magic Hours, we checked the forecast again. It had changed! It only forecasted one day of rain (besides the current day)! We were very excited that it wouldn’t rain our whole trip. We caught a bus back to Magic Kingdom. By the time we made it back, it was almost time for Wishes fireworks. I heard that the upper level by the train station was a great spot for viewing the fireworks. It was nice, except the flag pole was right in the way! Next time, I’ll brave Main Street for a better view. After the fireworks, most of the crowd was leaving and we were walking the opposite direction. It was kind of hard to stay together and navigate.


We finally made it through and went through Adventureland to Frontierland. We rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (only waited 10 minutes!) then headed to Liberty Square for the Hall of Presidents. We were glad to be in the AC and rest our feet for a while. This was my first time to see the presentation, and was amazed at how lifelike the Presidents were! Almost creepy, even. After the Hall, we saw they were roping off for the Main Street Electrical Parade, so we sat down and waited. We had to wait a good 30 minutes before the parade made it to us, but we didn’t mind the rest. We were pretty exhausted after two very long days. The parade is very cool, I really love the lights. Don’t miss this if you can help it. There was just one ride that I really wanted to do before we called it a day. So we waited in line 20 minutes (the longest of the day) for Peter Pan’s Flight. It was a ride that I had never ridden, and I don’t know why I’d missed it on all of my other trips, but it was great. I loved “flying” over London. We were dead on our feet afterwards and it was after midnight. We went back to the room to call it a night. But not before stopping and getting ice cream on main street!


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