Wednesday, May 21, 2014

10 Places We're Dying To Go, But Nervous About

Are there places in the world that you're drooling over on that instagram feed or travel website- but are scared to take the plunge?

We have plenty.

Flight Length:

It's true! We've never flown more than three to four hours. We've only been outside of the US on cruise ships, and tend to like road trips when traveling domestically. The US is enormously vast and has a crazy amount of things to see, but we're dying to give an oversees trip a try. Here are some places that we've neglected to go because of flight times:


This is kind of a given destination spot for travel lovers and we're dying to go, but those terribly long flight times are why we haven't. Magen met a senator from Hawaii once and he tried to downplay the whole losing-a-whole-day thing on flights to Hawaii, but that freaks us out! 



Magen's had a Spain visit on her bucket list since she was fifteen. She even had a jacket with Spain written across the back, which Ashley now claims is hers (sharing is caring.) The more we see/learn about Barcelona, the more we want to go. We're contemplating a trick for these European destinations, and that is to wait until we're able to take a several weeks long trip and see many parts of Europe. That might make the flight times worth it? 


Have you seen Crazy Stupid Love? You know that scene where Emma Stone sees Ryan Gosling with his shirt off for the first time and says something to the effect of "Are you kidding me? You looked photo shopped." This is how we feel when we see photos of Greece.

Political Unrest

There are many, many places around the world that are beautiful and interesting and cultured that we would love to see, but are hesitant to travel there because of the possibility of political unrest. In this day and age... you really just never know. It's a silly fear, because America has plenty of political unrest and disasters, of course, but home is still where you feel safest. This is a fear we hope to one day conquer. If you have experienced these areas and have tips on ways to see the sites while avoiding places that might be prone to violence, please share in the comments!


Israel was never a thought until Magen had some relatives visit a few years back. They visited for mostly religious reasons, but sold her on the beauty and power of walking the streets. It's been in the back of our minds ever since. The drawback is that it seems like the US Secretary of State is constantly in peace talks with Israel and neighboring countries. That strikes a small nerve, yes? 


Seeing the Egyptian Pyramids seemed like a fantasy to us as young ones. It was a strong contender for possible travel up until the recent revolution. Violent protests aren't something we'd like to encounter. 

Culture Shock

The point of traveling is to experience other cultures, but some cultures are so different, that it's a bit scary. Most of these could also be attributed to flight times, as mentioned above, but the culture and language aspect of it adds a second layer. 


Chinese culture is SO different from American. Politically and otherwise. The Great Wall of China remains on the bucket list. Also.... pollution?


Tokyo gives us similar reservations as Beijing. Including those mentioned above, we're not terribly adventurous eaters. We might try lots of things, but we probably aren't going to like it if we're honest! Destinations in Asia have some strange food options. While we know we could pick up McDonald's if we wanted..... who really wants to? 


Even though we've lived in the two extremes (Texas and Chicago) of US weather, some destinations make us think twice because of weather patterns. 


This is absolutely ridiculous... but Chicago has long hard winters, and the thought of purposefully going somewhere cold makes us think we're crazy. However..... Magen is dying to go on an Alaskan cruise.


Why so much rain, London? We're not fans of rain. 


Who isn't scared of giant spiders and blood hungry snakes?


This is our number one most wanted trip. Australia seems like our essence. The monsters I've heard of that live there.... are not. I hear stories of human head sized spiders, angry crocodiles, and some of the deadliest snakes in the world. Shaky knees for sure.

No thanks.

Does this mean these are places we'll never visit? NO WAY! All of these places are on our wishlist. We will probably visit less scary destinations first, though, to be completely honest. 

If you've been to any of these places, please discuss in the comments! We're hoping to hear that these fears are unfounded. Are we being overly cautious? 

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