Friday, May 9, 2014

Disney's Hollywood Studios | Walt Disney World

Disney's Hollywood Studios is supremely under rated in our opinion. They're super low on most Disney fanatics favorites list. It took me a long to to accept that, but I guess I see their points on some aspects. Maybe I'm looking through rose-colored glasses but we ADORE this park. Here's why!

I love the "hollywood" characters you come across as you enter. They interact with passing guests and it's hilarious. The characters are much more adult-oriented than other parks, and that might be a big reason why they make me laugh. Dirty innuendos (sometimes) aside, they're not known "characters" per se, so you can sit and chat with them for as long as you want. They even offer to take pictures OF you, with your camera. It's often a good idea to say yes and hear what they say to make you smile for the camera.

Don't worry, there are still beloved characters, too. (Is Daisy not the best? She's my fave.)

Toy Story Mania is here. Get some Fast Passes because there is always a ridiculous wait, but this ride is super fun! The interactive competition is a change from most attractions (though Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin in Magic Kingdom is similar!) The queue for this is really great, too. I think this is a fun ride even if you've never seen Toy Story.

This one will be controversial, but I LOVE the Great Movie Ride, despite it's slightly out-dated-ness. It's definitely a nostalgia-driven love. It's also an amazing time to rest in the AC. There likely will be a shorter wait than other rides to boot.

This is more of a personal preference, but I'm always able to take my time at this park. It's a little smaller with slightly fewer attractions that I want to see. (Which can be seen as a negative- but I'm turning that around!) I'm able to enjoy a few more shows, take in a few more scenes, snap a few more pictures next to water than I am in other parks. I dig it.

I'd been to Disney World several times before I had even heard of this but the Animation Academy is the coolest! You are taught how to draw a character and you get to keep it. It's a free souvenir, and super fun. Also another way to rest your feet in the AC. I think this is something that is widely overlooked and under rated.

Two of my top three favorite thrill rides are here! The Tower of Terror and Rockin Roller Coaster. These are both SUPER fun and a little more thrilling than most Disney parks rides. I love snapping a picture down Sunset Boulevard with those palm trees and the Tower in the background.

Fantasmic! This is the best show in all the parks. It's slightly dark and loud and scary for small ones, but it's the coolest. The water show is really, truly a sight to be seen. The only downside is getting out of the amphitheater after. It's crazy crowded. Still worth it- don't miss this!

This is specific to Holiday time, but the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights is jaw-dropping and amazing. This is one of the top reasons Christmas time in WDW is the best.

What do you think of Disney's Hollywood Studios?

P.S. Ashley and I got both of our shirts inside different stores in Walt Disney World. We're souvenir nuts. 

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