Thursday, May 1, 2014

Magic Kingdom | Walt Disney World | Orlando, FL

Proving to ourselves that early December is the best time to visit Walt Disney World was incredibly easy when we stepped foot in Magic Kingdom. Our first night of arrival, MK was open until very late (like 1 AM) so after we ate dinner, we made our way there to get in as much park time as possible. Night time is always pretty spectacular in the Magic Kingdom, but the twinkling lights on Cinderella's Castle may have given us chills. Even though it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we were able to ride plenty of rides in the few hours we were there that evening. We got up early the next morning and went right back to Magic Kingdom for the whole day. Apart from these two visits, we also attended the Very Merry Christmas Party at the end of our trip (more on that here.) Getting those extra evening hours at Magic Kingdom made a real difference this time around, not only because we rode several rides multiple times, but also because we never felt rushed. We actually rode a few rides for the first time because of the lower crowds and since we had less of a need to rush. Stay tuned to the bottom to see the highlights and favorites from this trip! Oh! and watch this clip of the end of one of our many Thunder Mountain Railroad rides for laughs.


- First time trying Dole Whip! Magen loved it.
- Riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad three times.
- Riding Space Mountain three times.


- Columbia Harbour House for lunch.
- Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin (We think this ride is very under rated!)
- Meeting Ariel in Ariel's Grotto was super fun. She chatted with us for so long!
- The Dole Whip. Knocked our socks off. 

P.S. We've created a few "Best Of" pages that include our favorites from all over, including our Disney faves! Check it out here.

P.S.S. We love being decked out in full Disney gear when at the parks. (Okay... maybe everywhere else, too.) We purchase them year round and while at Disney World. Magen's red hat is from Forever 21 and they usually have plenty of Disney items to choose from. Magen's shirt is from the Walmart that is near Disney World. (We highly recommend going here for souvenirs! They have a ton and they're half the price of WDW souvenirs.)  Ashley's tank is from Urban Outfitters

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