Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Shedd Aquarium | Chicago, IL

Wanderlust creeps up on us constantly. An instagram photo of Australia here, a pinterest post on Italy there... it can get to a person who only has two weeks of vacation a year. 

The best way we kill the wanderlust blues is to become tourists in our own city. Chicago has more than enough to offer. Over Memorial Day weekend, despite the insane crowds, we trekked over to Shedd Aquarium. We love museums, and Chicago has some of the best there is to offer

The Shedd.

We chose the Shedd because it's finally warm out, and warm weather makes us think of water. The Shedd is situated right on Lake Michigan and has some of the most amazing views. Probably our official favorite views of the city. The air near the water is so crisp and perfect this time of year. The water couldn't be any bluer. The boats were sailing, the runners running. It couldn't be any more picturesque if it tried. 

Then, eventually, we actually went inside. 

After being intensely relieved that we had the notion to buy our tickets online ahead of time since there was a line that had to be longer than two football fields, we headed in and enjoyed an aquatic show, the Jellies exhibit, touched some stingrays, and watched a little 4D action. 


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  1. ahhh penguins!! I love the detail that has gone into the exhibits.


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