Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Doughnut Vault | Chicago, IL

Doughnut Vault is located just a few blocks from our apartment and we finally got to try it out last weekend.

Hailing from the south, you get used to your favorite restaurants. They're mostly chains, to be honest. But they're good ones. They're familiar and you love them. The donuts we loved were from Shipley's. They were glazed or chocolate or jelly filled and didn't have a bourbon glaze or bacon on top. They were simple donuts, and they were delicious. We've really missed our donuts and haven't really tried many around Chicago. We tried Glazed and Infused a few weeks ago. We liked them and it filled the Shipley-shaped-hole in our bellies. We finally stopped by Doughnut Vault and shared a Vanilla Glazed Doughnut last weekend. After one bite, we were transported back to Saturday mornings in college driving to pick up our weekly Shipley's in pajamas and stress-laden studied out brains. It tasted so similar, with a hint of vanilla. A taste of home will always make you smile. Sold.

The place is tiny with no seating, but somehow decorated incredibly. You order at the counter, grab your donut and head on your way. They have outside seating or you can take it to go on your walk like we did.

They have limited menu options (which works for me, I hate crazy weird choices that make it hard to decide!) but the donuts are LEGIT and they're pretty damn big.

Doughnut Vault, we'll see you soon.


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