Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall in Chicago | Photoset

I'm not quite sure what happened last year, (perhaps the polar vortex caused fall to be too cold too quickly?) but the fall this year is blowing our minds. It's our 2nd fall in Chi and we kind of feel like it's our first. The leaves are so amazing. The air is so crisp. We just want to walk everywhere, foot aches be damned. The beanies and flannels are abound, I tell you.

Here is a photoset from a couple of weekends ago. The rules were to walk wherever possible and crunch leaves wherever possible. It was pretty fantastic. Oh, and there was a burger and beignet in there, too. 

If you go to Butcher and the Burger (you should), please put pork belly on top of your burger. Everything else is is your choice but Pork Belly is a requirement. Then eat a beignet for desert because our taste buds are firmly planted in the south, and yours should be, too. P.S. We've eaten here before.


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