Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Shake Shack comes to Chicago!

Shake Shack Chicago

I follow a lot of New Yorkers on social media, drooling at their good vintage and amazing food. Even though I live in Chicago and it's comparable to New York... it isn't really New York, you know? I confess I've never actually been to the Big Apple, so my city-envy may be completely unfounded. I do want to visit when I have the chance, and I've always had a New York to-do list in the back of my mind since I fathomed a visit in my teens. That list consists of a Broadway show, Central Park, the MOMA, the Met steps, the Brooklyn Flea, and Shake Shack.

I know, I know. A quick service burger counter shouldn't trump the original cronut or Lady Liberty, but it does for this burger lovin' heart. Cheeseburgers are the Rhoda to my Mary, when done properly. I try to eat them sparingly. You know, heart health and all, so I save my cheeseburger allotment for special occasions, or for extra special restaurant openings.

Shake Shack Chicago

I wish someone would've videoed me when I read the article that Shake Shack had not only came to Chicago, but it was opening that very day. How that got around me for the months it was planned/built, I don't know but I was steaming with excitement.

Shake Shack Chicago

We stood in line for forty five minutes. Worth it. We ordered burgers, (crinkle!) fries + cheese fries, a vanilla shake, two sodas, and some custard. Just yes, is really all I have to say about it. The bun! Loved the bun. The custard is to-die-for. I'm dying to go back a week later.... (read "a week later" as the next day.)

Shake Shack Chicago

Even felt the need to video it. Definitely updating our Best Of Chicago page. It's that serious.


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