Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Day at Disney's Hollywood Studios and How I Feel About the Hat Coming Down

On our September-October 2014 Walt Disney World visit we spent a long, rainy day at Hollywood Studios. We had lunch at The Hollywood Brown Derby (our first time!), Fantasmic was rained out, I finally convinced Ashley to go on the Tower of Terror, and we got some legit ride photos from our two favorite thrill rides in Walt Disney World. I say despite the rain, it was a successful day. (You can watch our vlog of this day here.)Continue reading below to hear about my views of the current state of the park and the Sorcerer's hat.
Disney's Hollywood Studios has become a mixed bag for me personally, as of late. It used to be my favorite park. (No, really!) I adore(d) the Tower of Terror, Rockin' Roller Coaster, Fantasmic, and even the ill-fated Studio Backlot Tour. But with nearly half the park shut down and me being rained out of Fantasmic twice, I'm very much excited for the upcoming overhaul that seems to be on the horizon. While Disney is being pretty tight-lipped on future plans, I'm still very much trusting of their vision.

One thing that is currently happening RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND is the Sorcerer's hat is in the process of being dismantled. I never knew I could have such mixed feelings about a standing fixture that doesn't even house a ride, restaurant, or theater, but I did feel a slight ping of nostalgia when I read the news. Most Disney Park experts hate the thing, from what I've gathered. But for me, at the ripe ol' age of 27, I don't really remember the park any other way. It's the main icon on all of my souvenirs, all my family vacation photos have it, and I quite honestly never considered that it didn't belong. I did do some digging and read all about how the park looked prior to the hat. I understood a lot of pieces to the park that I didn't know before. I understood the original vision which had never previously crossed my mind. I compared the original vision against the stark contrast that the park is today and realized that this park is ready for a major overhaul and I'm excited about the future of it. So, while I'll cherish my 14 year old self posed with my baby sister in front of the hat, I'm pretty pumped to see the full scale Hollywood Blvd. It makes the Sunset Blvd scene make a little more sense, right?

Do you have any opinions on the current state of Hollywood Studios and future plans?

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