Monday, February 16, 2015

Boma- Flavors of Africa Review | Animal Kingdom Lodge | Walt Disney World

Boma is an African themed buffet inside the main lobby of Animal Kingdom Lodge in Walt Disney World. We've eaten here three times and have had varying experiences, enough so that I believe we have enough knowledge to provide a well-rounded review. Our first visit was back in 2011, second back in September of 2014, and our third was just last week on our one night pre-cruise stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge.
Boma is called "African themed" rather than "African" because it's very American friendly cuisine with an African twist. Our first trip was good, to sum it up quickly. We enjoyed trying the different foods, we had good service, and we left knowing we'd like to return. Our second visit last year provides more detail to memory. To sum up that second visit- we left fat and happy, so to speak. Our service was great from being checked in to being seated to our server. The iced tea is delicious (which is hit or miss at any restaurant in general and a spot with good iced tea automatically gets one thumb up from me.) We particularly enjoyed the pork shank served, and I enjoyed the hummus and broccolini as sides. I tried some interesting soup and they gave me a birthday cupcake. Our entire experience was really great. (You can watch our vlog from this day and me trying the soup here.) So when we decided to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge one night before our Cruise departure, going to Boma was a no-brainer.
We went last week and were greeted very graciously to be checked in. As I was taking some photos of the entrance, the person who sat us last September recognized us and remembered we were from Chicago. Being recognized by a cast member when you're not a local that visits regularly always makes you feel very special. Our server was good, not great, but I was never left thirsty for my tea, so no complaints. However, the meat options didn't impress us as much as our previous trip. Like most buffets, the menu changes frequently and are often rotated. They had a beef option with ribs and chicken but the pork was our favorite on our last visit that really made Boma a can't miss for us. Without that pork, it's on a good option list rather than a required dining experience.
All in all, our experiences have never been bad, but it isn't consistently outstanding. Our ranges are good and satisfied to fat and happy, so it is definitely on our recommended list. If you're staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge, the easy accessibility makes it even more appealing, but the cost should be taken into consideration as well. You can see current ranges here. On our most recent trip, we paid $29.99 per person and was satisfied with the value. (for Disney, anyway!)


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