Thursday, March 19, 2015

Chef Mickey's Character Breakfast Review | The Contemporary | Walt Disney World

In an effort to dump all the Disney World information overload of my brain into organized content on this site, over the next few weeks I'll be adding more dining reviews based on recent experiences. Starting this trend will be Chef Mickey's Character Breakfast in the Contemporary Resort. We visited in December 2013 (you can see photos/info from that trip here.)

We started the morning off early at Chef Mickey's. We had an 8:00-8:30 ish reservation. We arrived right at the reservation time and that was probably a mistake. This place is VERY popular and crowded. The line to check in for your reservation was over 20 minutes. Then we waited another 15 to have our buzzer go off and be seated. So if you're in a crunch for time to make a Fastpass+ in the park, then either give yourself plenty of time, or plan to go into the parks a little later.

As I mentioned, this place is crowded and busy. The tables are kind of small and pushed together to allow more people in. Nothing overtly annoying, but it might be a bit chaotic. (Read as: it is very chaotic.) The service we had was just fine. Fast and efficient and checked in frequently, which is what we like. The food was better than I expected it to be, actually. I usually chalk up a character meal to the "experience" and don't have high expectations for the food, but I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not a huge fan of breakfast food in general, (dinner for breakfast all the way) but there were plenty of options that I thoroughly enjoyed. And so did picky eater Ashley. (I mean... she's the PICKIEST.)

The characters here were fun. We saw all of them fairly quickly and they made sure to come back around if one of us was at the buffet. (This is very different to our experience at 1900 Park Fare, which you can read about here.) They're all dressed in chef attire so it's all very cute. You'll enjoy them.

The convenient location right next to Magic Kingdom really pumps up the appeal for this restaurant. But if you're planning on enjoying a quiet morning- don't bother coming here. It's fun, loud, and it get's everyone pumped for the parks. This is generally a hard reservation to get. If you can't get in, don't fret! There are plenty of other great character breakfasts like Cape May Cafe (very easy to get into) at the Beach Club Resort and Tusker House in Animal Kingdom.

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