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Where to Buy Cool Disney Clothes

Where to Buy the Coolest Cheap Disney Clothes

Dressing for theme parks is a science, depending on the time of year/weather. There are plenty of guides out there on what to steer clear from and what to bring with you and how to handle the heat and humidity. There is even a movement (called DisneyBounding) where you subtly dress as your favorite characters, which is super fun and incredibly interesting. (I LOVE spotting DisneyBounders in the theme parks.) But, you know, some of us just like to have Mickey splashed across our chest, you know?!
Where to Buy the Coolest Cheap Disney Clothes

We like the out-and-proud-we-love-Disney look. Truth be told, we wear it no matter where we are, but it's kind of a requirement for us when visiting the parks. It's almost a vacation costume for us that we sometimes where here in Chicago as well. When I was younger, the only place to buy Disney-themed merchandise was at a Disney park or the ever-so-few Disney Stores in malls- but they were all mostly the branded year merchandise that isn't always the best looking. (I also never feel comfortable wearing a branded year after the year is over.... unless it's considered vintage. If I had a branded 1990 Walt Disney World shirt I'd be a happy woman. Can the clothing gods make that happen? Thanks.)

We've been collecting Disney merchandise for years now and have a ton of outfits in our arsenal. We have jewelry and t shirts and sweatshirts and shorts and tote bags and backpacks. Even a suitcase. I'm sure you're wondering how we buy all of this stuff at the insane Disney Parks prices and still afford to eat. Well.... we don't! There are a ton of places that you can amazing Disney-themed merchandise for much cheaper than at a park. Here are some of our favorite stores + looks! (Also some links to current favorite items that you can get online at the bottom!) ENJOY!

Where to Buy the Coolest Cheap Disney Clothes
Ashley's shirt- Urban Outfitters | Magen's shirt- Forever21


This is where we get most of our Disney clothing. (Another tip- we shop in the Men's and Women's section. They also have cool Kid's clothes!) I also have two hats from here as well that I ADORE. Forever21 is very reasonably priced. You could spend $100 and have more than 5 items easily. They're not always the highest of quality but I've never had any issues with tearing or fading or anything like that. Some cool items they have currently: one, two, three.

Where to Buy the Coolest Cheap Disney Clothes
Shirt- Walmart near WDW | Hat- Forever21


Yes, this is true. ESPECIALLY the Walmart nearest Disney World. If you have a car this is a great spot for cheaper souvenirs. They have TONS of clothes and souvenirs for literally half (or less) of what you'd pay at the parks. Shop in all the sections! Kids, women, men, boys, girls, bags. It's definitely catered towards vacation-goers. They have less available elsewhere/online but there are some good options at times- particularly for kids. Here's a cool one for very cheap.

Where to Buy the Coolest Cheap Disney Clothes
Ashley's shirt- | Magen's dress- Hot Topic


This place has nearly all you could ever need. If you're looking for dresses, check here first. They also have great costumes. The accessories here are great, as well. I love their hats and jewelry and I have a ton of their pouches. (NOTE: They have GREAT Harry Potter stuff if you're visiting nearby Universal Studios as well!) I mean.... just LOOK at this backpack

Where to Buy the Coolest Cheap Disney Clothes
Magen's shirt- Hot Topic | Ashley's Tank- Amazon


They will always have some type Disney merch, but not always a ton. There is usually a Mickey tee or tank around somewhere. This places is on the higher side but it never fails to have top quality clothes. (Ashley has had a tank for probably three years that she wears often and looks brand new.) We don't buy a TON from here but they will always have a really great something

And there you have it! What places do you shop for Disney clothing? Any suggestions? Please share in the comments! Also here are some links to cool Disney-inspired clothes from around the web. 

(*Some links might be affiliate.)

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