Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Blue Hole | Ocho Rios, Jamaica

I won't bury the lead here and go ahead and tell you from the get-go: my day in Jamaica and at the Blue Hole was the best day of my life. Literally at the end of the day, I proclaimed that it had been my most favorite day ever in all of history. This day was enhanced by lunch at Scotches and Pirate Night on Disney Cruise Line, true, but the tip of the iceberg was our time at the Blue Hole. [You can see the video of our tour here.]
We booked a tour with Liberty Tours Jamaica. Our tour guide picked us up at the port and we drove out to Ocho Rios. The drive there and back was so beautiful and scenic. I didn't mind the time in the car. We made a few stops along the way to get photos of the scenic views and waste a few dollars on pointless souvenirs. We're pretty good at that.
When we arrived at the Blue Hole we met with our tour guide (it is with a separate company but is part of the Libery Tours Jamaica tour.) Every single tour guide there was outstanding. I was particularly partial to ours, Omar, of course. But the other tour guides were all around and they help out every guest- no matter which group you're with. I'll expand on why Omar was amazing. He carried the little ones in our group that would've have trouble not slipping on the falls. Literally carried them while also assisting everyone else. And by assisting everyone else, I mean he basically held all of our hands in the tougher areas. I never felt safer. He videoed and photographed you and your party while you jumped and swang and swam. He takes your family photos for you (they definitely know how to work a GoPro at this point.) He literally swam while simultaneously holding Ashley's shirt over the water so it didn't get wet when she left it somewhere. He was amazing, as were all the other guides out there. Please tip them well if you go.
The water in the blue hole was a tad bit chilly but not overly so. The weather was perfect (we were there in February.) You climb up a few falls and work your way down, getting a little more scary/bigger as you go. If at any time you want to skip a jump- no problem, no pressure. They will guide you to where you can wait for the others and join back up. If you have a small one and need to swap out- they do that as well. Probably the scariest part is walking down the big fall far enough to be able to jump. (The other areas were more cliff like with steep drops easy to jump from.) He basically held me the whole time, but he knows exactly where you need to put your foot. There are grooves worn into the rock from years of feet stepping onto the exact spot. Of course the guides can all go up and down in three seconds. They're pretty well versed in these falls.
A little extra bit of showmanship they provide is making some pretty high jumps that they don't allow the guests to make. They do it so you're able to watch and photograph or film. It's pretty fun to see, but a little too adventurous for my taste. :) This just goes to show how well the guides know the falls.
I like to say that I'm pretty adventurous, and sometimes I am. This was adventurous for sure, but it's in that middle range where it's just the right amount of adrenaline but also feels safe because of the reassurance of the guides. None of the jumps are crazy high. (The last jump is the highest and a lot of people skipped it.) The water wasn't overwhelmingly cold and the current wasn't so bad that you couldn't comfortably stand. So if you're reluctant I say give it a shot and get out of your comfort zone. If you're super adventurous- talk to a guide beforehand and ask if you can do the crazy jumps the guides do. They might let you sign a form or something, who knows.
If you've been to the Blue Hole, please share in the comments your experience! Or if you've experienced other great things in Jamaica, let me know for next time!


  1. waw!! that looks so cool :) unfortunately never been, but just added to the bucket list ! :)

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