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Cape May Cafe Character Breakfast and Dinner Review | Walt Disney World

Cape May Cafe is a table service buffet restaurant in the Beach Club Resort in Walt Disney World. They serve a character breakfast buffet and a clam bake dinner buffet (with no characters.) I've had dinner at Cape May nearly every trip to Walt Disney World since I started traveling as an adult, and recently started trying out the breakfast buffet as well. This post will go over both dinner at Cape May Cafe and the character breakfast. I've gotten almost last minute reservations for both dinner and breakfast at Cape May Cafe fairly easily on several visits, so it's not impossible to get into like other similar restaurants in Walt Disney World. That is not indicative of the quality of the restaurant, though!

Cape May Cafe Calm Bake Dinner Buffet

The dinner at Cape May Cafe is a "clam bake." Which means it's a lot of seafood. That is what drew me to Cape May in the first place. Crab leg buffets get me every time. I'm not a huge fan of clams or mussels, but they have a ton on this buffet. I typically eat mostly crab legs, which have varied from very good to mediocre on the instances I've been. (I've now been four times, I believe.) I've never had bad crab legs there, but once at the end of the night (I had the last reservation time slot) I had crab legs that are kind of hard to peel. They still tasted great, but took a little longer to eat. I'm not particularly impressed with any of the other seafood offerings. There is usually some type of fish and shrimp, but the shrimp is nothing to write home about. The sides were always good to me. They usually have a paella, which I really like, and the regular vegetable/mashed potatoes/macaroni that all buffets seem to have. I happen to actually really like the mashed potatoes, surprisingly, and the veggies are usually cooked nicely. If they're serving broccolini, be sure to try it. They're yummy.

I've had wonderful service at dinner every time I've been. Last time they gave me a birthday cupcake & signed card, so I mean, you won me over there. Oh! This is kind of random but if you're like me, it's important. Cape May Cafe has delicious iced tea. It's brewed (not from concentrate or from a tap like some restaurants serve) and it's always very good. Some people may not care about that, but for me, a good glass of iced tea is the cherry on top of a meal. (Boma also has some great iced tea, if you're wondering. I know you were.)

Cape May Cafe Character Breakfast

It took me a few trips to Disney World before I tried the Cape May Cafe Character Breakfast. I think I always straight-lined towards the more popular breakfast buffets, like Chef Mickey's or Tusker House, and didn't really think to give Cape May Cafe a chance since I was already visiting the restaurant for dinner. (I like to vary up my meals and try different restaurants.) When I did I was so glad! For one, the breakfast items here are very good. They definitely have Mickey Waffles, of course. But I've had delicious french toast, some great chorizo eggs and my personal favorite- the cheese grits. They're so good. 

It's a little busier in the mornings than the dinner buffet because of the characters, but it's still less insane than Chef Mickey's. It's a good start to a day, being a little laid back. The service is just as great in the mornings as the evenings, and there are characters! :)

The characters here are usually Goofy, Donald, and Minnie but are subject to change. They all wear beach gear and it's very cute. They sometimes draw on your tables. (Their signatures are the best, and if you don't have an autograph book, you may not realize that!) They always make sure to come around to every table and return if someone is at the buffet and they do it in a timely manner, which I didn't realize how much I appreciate until I had a bad experience elsewhere

This reservation (particularly during non-peak times) is pretty easy to get. On our last trip, we stayed only one night at Walt Disney World prior to our cruise and was able to book an 8:00-ish reservation at 10 PM the night before. If that's not easy to get nothing is :). It won't always be like that, of course, but it's definitely a good thought to know it's easier to get into this restaurant than most. (Hey I vlogged my breakfast here! If you want to see, click here.)

Have you ever eaten at Cape May Cafe? Do you love it/hate it? If you want to see more Disney World Restaurant Reviews, click here


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