Friday, April 10, 2015

Falmouth, Jamaica Port | Disney Cruise Line

We've been on a number of Caribbean cruises and they start to overlap quite a bit. We've been to Cozumel three or four times and Grand Cayman two or three. While nobody is complaining about being on a tropical island, I usually try to go to at least one new place when booking a cruise. This time around that new place was Falmouth, Jamaica. We've been to Montego Bay way back in 2009 and really loved it, so I was excited to get back to the island. (Jamaican food.... honestly the best.)
We booked a tour that pretty much took up the entire day, but on our way in and out we were astounded by the beautiful port in Falmouth. Seriously, it is definitely the nicest and most extensive port in the Caribbean (that we've seen.)
This port's grand opening was in 2011, and the newness of it is apparent. The exteriors all have a very colonial feel that gives it a true Caribbean vibe. There is an abundance of Jamaicans to help guide you to wherever you need to go- all very helpful and so, so nice. There are shops and restaurants. (They even had a Dairy Queen???) There are massage stands, musicians, hand carved figurines and statuettes. They had the typical tourist-wear stands like the vacation dad shirts (you know what I'm talking about.) It's beautifully open and airy. You can hear the ocean and smell the salt while the steel drum plays in the background.
The only downside to this port is that when you exit, the area is still very under developed. If you plan on leaving the port, I recommend booking some type of tour. If there was ever a port that you just wanted to get off for a while and wander- this would be it. If you normally don't get off of cruise ships (which I know a lot of people don't) I would definitely recommend getting off in Falmouth.

If you want to see our video of coming and going through this port plus our tour we took, check them out here and here. To see our photos and read about our tour, see our post here.



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