Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Disney Lover

Mother's Day gift giving is usually stressful for me. I'm a stress giver, hoping desperately that the gift receiver likes the present, because I often put A LOT of thought into it. I don't necessary like giving generic gifts, unless it's something the receiver asked for. (Like my grandpa only ever wants money. Nothing else. Just money. It's both incredibly easy and terribly frustrating.) The majority of the time, I much prefer to think about the person's interests and find something unique to get them. Sometimes you see something in a store or online that just screams "BUY THIS FOR MOM" but most of the time I'm scouring the internet for ideas. I also have the duty to give a Mother's Day gift to my grandma because she's my BFF. So double wammy on Mother's Day for me. Luckily, my love of Disney was a direct result from my family's obsession so this is an area I'm comfortable in. While I won't be buying them matching Mickey Ears, (Oh wait... should I?!) this day and age I'm able to find an endless supply of subtle Disney-related gifts across the web. Here are some of the best Mother's Day gifts for the Disney Lover!

Etsy for Handmade Disney Art 

I have a small personal collection of Disney related art and decor items for myself, and I got the majority of them from browsing Etsy. There is a good amount of beautiful Disney-themed artwork on the site.

Ebay for Vintage Disney Memorabilia 

Ebay is a great source (Etsy is too, but Ebay seems to have more options) for Vintage Disney Memorabilia. I've gotten authentic Disney parks souvenirs and other goodies from Ebay. It's a great source. I've seen some drool worthy, very unique pieces here. Some can get very expensive, but there are plenty for a very afforadable and reasonable price. This is especially great for Disney park lovers. 

Music and Movies

Sometimes, what's better than a classic Disney movie or album? You can gift someone else a movie or album or song on iTunes very easily, or purchase something to hold in her hands. I adore the Disney Classics box set (or one of the Disney's Greatest albums), Mom's favorite Disney movie (if it's not in the vault!) or a very special "Walt Disney Treasures" DVD. 

If you'd rather give clothes/accessories, check out our post about where we like to buy the coolest Disney clothes

What other cool gifts are good for a Disney lover? Share in the comments!



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