Monday, April 13, 2015

Photos of the Disney Magic | Restaurants and Food

I separated my photo posts from the Disney Magic into two separate parts. (Part one here!) I did this mostly because I had so many photos of the Restaurants (they're kind of my favorite parts of the ship. So well themed and beautiful!) But also there are lots of photos of the food because there were so many options each day. While my grade for the food is not in the A range, it was interesting to try different things. (Review of the food quality coming soon!) If Disney does anything well, it's theming. The restaurants on the ship are just as themed as they are in the theme parks, with the Animator's Palate being the best on the Disney Magic. (The restaurant themes on the Dream/Fantasy are even more so.) The Animator's Palate is also the best on the Magic, in my opinion, even though it's on all four ships. The black and white coupled with the shows can't be beat. It's also a wonder to photograph!
 ^^Technically not part of the ship but I couldn't resist this shot from Castaway Cay. It's sort of an extension of the ship, anyway :).^^
^^ Is it obvious I love Animator's Palate?^^


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