Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Gift Ideas for Someone Who Likes to Travel

Graduation time is upon us, and it reminds me of something that I didn't do (but certainly wished I did!) I wish I had used that transitional period between one life stage to another to travel. Other countries promote this more so than America, it seems, but time spent traveling between student and adult seems like a good idea, don't you think? For those lucky individuals who have the pleasure and opportunity to travel, here are some gift ideas.

While I didn't get that year abroad I kind of always dreamed of, I have since been lucky enough to be able to travel periodically and are frequently seeing things across the web that I think are fantastic for travelers (and myself!). Here is a list of gift ideas for graduates (or anyone!!) set for travel.

Travel Charger | Passport Case + Wallet | Travel Luggage Scale |

A travel charger that allows almost any USB cable to connect can be helpful on the go for phones, cameras, tablets, etc. A passport case with wallet is super useful and a quality one will be cherished and used for years to come. A travel luggage scale will be a lifesaver when checking bags and will save a traveler time and money at the check in stand.

An Excellent Backpack | Packing Cubes

A great backpack will be used to no end and will be so helpful if a traveler is trying to carry on as much as possible, whether to limit checked bag weight or to carry valuables on board the plane. A quality, sturdy backpack will last ages. Packing cubes are so helpful when packing to maximize space and is an incredible organizational tool. They're a life changer.

Instant Camera | A Stack of Postcards | A Nice Journal with Nice Pens

For some fun and memories, an instant camera is an awesome thing to have. (With backup film!) It's a fun way to send memories to friends and family back home. On that same sense, a stack of postcards is lightweight and easy to carry to drop in the mail. Another good thing to have is a nice travel journal with some quality pens. Sticking the instant photo in a journal and writing about it will be one of their most treasured souvenirs.

Do you have any creative, fun gift ideas for travelers? Leave in the comments!

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