Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lunch at Scotchie's Review | Ocho Rios, Jamaica

On our Disney Cruise back in February, we had a stop at Falmouth, Jamaica. We've been to Montego Bay, Jamaica before (way back in 2009) and we seriously loved the island. We hadn't been back since, but this was the stop we were most excited for. Ashley came across (via social media) Scotchie's and pretty much demanded we figure out a way to eat lunch there while we were on the island. There actually isn't a Scotchie's located in Falmouth, so we knew we'd have to figure out a way to get to Ocho Rios or Montego Bay. We did some searching on review sites (see some tips on how we do this here) and found a tour that included Lunch at Scotchie's. The tour company had amazing reviews and the main activity was the Blue Hole so we were sold.

Scotchie's is all outside with the most beautiful plush landscaping and gazebo-type seating. It provided nice shade and a cool breeze surrounded by almost jungle like greenery. It is definitely representative of it's tropical surroundings. It kind of had a middle of no-where feel to it. Almost an island in and of itself that made me feel super relaxed. The staff was so friendly and fun. They truly want you to have a good time. They take customer satisfaction very seriously!

You know a place is confident in their food when you can go take a look at them cooking. The huge pits smelled amazing and they use a particular type of wood that is changed out frequently. It gives the air a you're-about-to-eat-amazing-food fragrance to get you nice and ready for your jerk chicken. The chicken is amazing, by the way. ALSO- this was included in our tour price but we ordered a bit extra and it was very, very cheap. It's got hole-in-the-wall prices but amazing taste and amazing surroundings.

If you love yourself you should get the festival. It's the bread in the photo below and it will be the best thing you've ever eaten. If you love festival, please leave a comment and we can share our obsession with each other because I nearly flew back down there just for festival.


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  1. Yummie looks great!

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