Thursday, June 4, 2015

Disney Cruise Line's Pirate Night

I have to tell you, from someone who rarely likes to join in on sing-a-longs or dancing of any sorts, Pirate Night will sure bring out a new side of you that you didn't know you had. Disney Cruise Line hosts "Pirate Night" on most of their cruises in which the evening's dinner is pirate themed, the characters are in pirate garb, and there is a Pirate Deck Party with FIREWORKS at sea.

On our recent Disney Cruise last February, Pirate Night fell on the day we visited Falmouth, Jamaica and took the most amazing tour of our lives, so we were both admittedly on a bit of a fun-high this day anyway. But the Pirate Night truly topped it off. Dinner was super fun at Carioca's and the Deck Party was a blast. The best part is the amazing fireworks at sea show, which Disney boasted for a while to be a DCL exclusive, but that hasn't been the case in a few years. It's still pretty great. The pirate party does drag on a little bit before the fireworks with Dancers and Characters and attempts at audience participation, but sometimes the audience just doesn't want to learn choreographed dances... you know? Still fun, none the less. (A video of us on Pirate Night here and the full firework show here, if you're interested.)

If you're wondering if this is fun for adults and/or kids, and the answer is yes, for both. The kids will enjoy the characters scattered throughout the deck and when they're on stage doing full on choreography. There's a few minutes of scurvy pirate takeover, but at the sight of Mr. Smee- I don't think anyone will mind. Oh and Mickey zip lines above your heads, and honestly- who can beat that? There is fun, modern music, Captain Hook makes an appearance, and the firework show is just the right length. If you just want to view the fireworks, you can see them (at least in part) from almost anywhere on the upper decks, so you can stand back a bit from  the dance party if you wish.

[Note: If you're on the Dream, the Remy/Palo lounge deck is a great spot for viewing the fireworks if you have a reservation for that night. It's a view of just the sky without the dance party. The Magic doesn't have this luxury.]

Do you love or hate Pirate Night? Have you experienced it before? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. We had Pirate Night once again a couple of weeks ago on the Dream. Before, we hadn't seen the short stage show before the fireworks, but we were able to see it this time. Not all that great, but not the worst thing, either. The fireworks were great as always, and we did stay for about 10 minutes of the music afterwards. Overall I like the idea, even if we aren't exactly party people. :)


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