Hi there! We're Ashley and Magen. (Known on YouTube as the brown and the blonde.) We love CHICAGO, TRAVELING, DISNEY, and ADVENTURES. From Chicago, to Disney World, to cruises, to the Caribbean, we hope to eat, sleep, and be merry in as many places as possible and share our journeys with you. We are based in Chicago, but travel to Disney World in Florida frequently and are itching to be Platinum members of Disney Cruise Line's Castaway Club. [For collaboration inquiries- see our work with us page.]

About the Authors

Name: Ashley
Title: Resident musician & dreamer.
In charge of: Playlists, outlandish travel ideas, buying all the souvenirs, & finding delicious eats.
Favorite Disney character: Goofy & Stitch
Favorite Disney movie: Lion King
Favorite place we've been: Blue Hole, Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Most wanted place to go: Hawaii
Favorite part of traveling: Food

Name: Magen
Title: Planner, writer, photographer, videographer.
In charge of: Planning and organizing, budgeting, making sure Ashley doesn't spend all the money on souvenirs, photography & videography. (Which is why you won't always see her in front of the camera.)
Favorite Disney character: Donald Duck #1!
Favorite Disney movie: The Jungle Book & The Princess and the Frog.
Favorite place we've been: Walt Disney World is always my favorite. Particularly at Christmastime.
Most wanted place to go: The Amalfi coast.
Favorite part of traveling: Beach hair.

We write about our love of Disney, travel ideas and destinations that catches our eye, restaurants and attractions we enjoy in and around Chicago, trip reports, travel gear that we use, & tips that we learn along the way. Be warned: we are hardcore Disney fans, so we err on the side of Mickey.

Where else can you find us?

We both post frequently to instagram- here and here. We vlog on our Youtube channel here.  Magen also uses snapchat (@mmagenn). 

To contact us, say hi on twitter. (@ashley_t_simon @magenmorris) or email us at thebrownandtheblonde@gmail.com.

And because this is a blog, more pictures.


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