Instagram Features

Instagram is our largest and most interactive following, with 7200 followers, an average of 200-500 likes per photo, and a multitude of comments and shares on our two combined accounts. We offer instagram giveaways and promotions as well as other collaborations specifically tailored to helping brands gain instagram followings. Contact us for more information.

Product and Service Reviews

We accept products or services for review. All content and opinions on this website are true, honest and our own. We will not accept or recommend a product or service to readers that does not fit our style. We reserve the right not to mention a product or service on any social media platforms, this blog, or our YouTube channel if we are not 100% satisfied. We do not currently charge for reviews, but will not accept any product or service that does not fit our interests or needs.

Sponsored Posts & Branded Content & Giveaways

Your product or service will receive it's own promotional post that will be promoted across our collective social media platforms. (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat) The post will be featured on the sidebar for thirty days under a "Featured Post" section for maximum visibility. 


Brand Ambassadorships are long-term partnerships. These are custom tailored for each company. Contact us for more details.

If you or your company is interested in any of the above or would like to work with us in another capacity, please contact Magen at for inquiries. 

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